Welcome to the normafa.info website

Our district has every right to be proud of its unique resources, the conservation and preservation of which are important for every one of us. Normafa and its environs represent an unrivalled natural treasure, which unfortunately has been undeservedly neglected and poorly managed in recent decades. In response to this, at the end of September, the Hungarian Parliament passed a law on the rehabilitation of Normafa. The Government of Hungary will provide the resources required and has entrusted the Local Government of Hegyvidék to manage the area.

However, this law does not oblige us to do anything, but merely gives us the opportunity to put Normafa into some kind of order, so that it will have the necessary infrastructure (for instance toilets, medical services, changing rooms) allowing the people of this district and  visitors alike to actively use it in their free time for walking and hiking, or for skiing and sledging in the winter, in a responsible manner.

Of course, the specific actions that should be taken in the course of Normafa’s rejuvenation, will be worked out on the basis of the most comprehensive environmental surveys because the preservation and protection of the woods and green areas of Hegyvidék is of the utmost importance.
We continuously coordinate our work with civil organisations, and we have launched the Natura 2000 environmental impact assessment, providing a response to what can be implemented in the area in accordance with the European Union’s extremely strict environmental regulations. Since the beginning of January 2015 the full documentation of the environmental impact assessment is available for everybody. Based on all of the results, a comprehensive feasibility study follows with detailed plans. After this, the local people of  Hegyvidék will have the opportunity to see the plans that will be set out regarding the conservation of nature and environmental protection. Thus, with all the appropriate information at their disposal, they will be able to responsibly decide whether to support these development concepts or not in a local referendum.

Improving the Normafa area is not just an opportunity for us, but also a big responsibility; we would therefore like to use this information website to highlight the main elements and issues concerning Normafa’s rejuvenation.

Zoltán Pokorni
Mayor of the Municipality of 12th District of Budapest